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Why Bother With jQuery? A Guide for (Former) Flash Developers

If you, like many Flash developers, are looking into using HTML5 for your web apps, you’ll almost certainly have come across jQuery. It’s a very popular JavaScript library, used by a large percentage of the most visited

CSS-TRICKS most wanted!!!

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Open New Browser Window with jQuery (Custom Size)

I sure this is nothing special but I thought I would share. I’ve been play around with jQuery and wanted to build an easy way to open a new browser window with a certain size for multiple

Creating a Simple game with EaselJS Part 1

Building a jQuery Mobile Theme With Adobe Fireworks

In this tutorial I’ll demonstrate how easy it is to create a jQuery Mobile theme in Fireworks, preview the theme, and move it into an HTML5 jQuery sample in Dreamweaver CS 5.5. The ability to create jQuery

Website Tour with jQuery

Today we want to share a little script with you that allows to create a tour on a website with jQuery. This can be very useful if you want to explain your users the functioning of your

Image Zoom Tour with jQuery

Today we want to share a little zoom tour script with you. Showing a main image initially, we want to be able to zoom into certain parts of the image by clicking on tags, using another image

jTextTranslate: A jQuery Translation Plugin

The double-click functionality in the New York Times was somehow fascinating but also highly discussed because it boldly used the browser functionality to get the definitions of words. Fortunately, the double click now causes not an immediate

Code Your Own Juicy Tabbed Slider (using the Nivo Slider)

A week ago, on our sister-site, Webdesigntuts+, we showed you how to design a “Juicy Tabbed Slider” in Photoshop. Today we’re going to show you how to actually code it in a few quick steps. No heavy

Making a Mosaic Slideshow With jQuery & CSS

When designing a product page, it is often necessary to present a number of images in a succession, also known as a slideshow. With the raise of the jQuery library and its numerous plugins, there is an