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Build an Active Flash Game Menu: The Bounce

First impressions are very important on a Flash game portal; if your game doesn’t grab the player in the first few seconds, they’ve got plenty of other games to choose from. As the menu is the first

Random Motion

Random Motion These are the basic expressions for generating random motion. These expressions independently generate random values for position, scale, and rotation, and move to the new values at a random speed. The expressions can easily be

How To Zoom In on a Point in an Image and Pan in AS3 Flash

In this How-To we show how to accomplish a common but not entirely straightforward task of zooming in on a specific point of an image (or any other DisplayObject) and how to pan an image. We use

Determining Speed Data from GPS

Time to get trained! In this show, trainer and evangelist Paul Trani will show you how to move your content from print to web to mobile, all while showing off the new features in Flash Professional. View

Loading HTML-formatted text in a dynamic text field

Although it is very easy to format your text at authoring time, it is not the case when you load text dynamically in a dynamic text field. The best way to format your text in that case

Create a QR Code Generator in Flash Using AS3

QR codes are everywhere these days: magazine advertisements, billboards, even TV commercials. Chances are you have a phone in your pocket that can read a QR code and decode the URL or message contained within. In this

Using The Accelerometer Sensor in ActionScript 3

You can track the rotation of a mobilde device by using the accelerometer sensor on it. Techniques making use of the accelerometer may be used to rotate the screen when the device is rotated or to control

Understanding Date(): Making a Calendar in AS3

Today we’ll build a fully functional calendar widget using AS3. It’s not rocket science, just an excellent example of using the Date class, which can handle all the complexity of extracting times, dates, months and years. We

Beginner’s Guide to Powerflasher’s FDT 4

Flash Professional isn’t the only tool you can use for making Flash apps and games. Earlier in the year we looked at FlashDevelop; now, we’ll take a look at FDT 4, a powerful IDE designed specifically for

Carve Up a Video in Real Time With AS3

Hello, code freaks! This tutorial will show you how to split a running video into blocks as if it has exploded. And all this using just ActionScript. For this tutorial we’ll use the camera as the video