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Javascript forms validation. Powerful, UX aware & Dead simple.

Parseley.js these its great tool for developers check out Never write a single javascript line anymore to validate your forms FrontEnd. Parsley will do that for you – and do it right –, thanks to its powerful

CSS: Elastic Videos

While I was coding the Elemin Theme (a responsive WordPress theme that I recently designed), one of the challenges that I faced was to make the embedded videos elastic Read More

Responsive Design with CSS3 Media Queries 300

Screen resolution nowsaday ranges from 320px (iPhone) to 2560px (large monitor) or even higher. Users no longer just browse the web with desktop computers. Users now use mobile phones, small notebooks, tablet devices such as iPad or

Beginner’s Guide to Responsive Web Design

What is responsive design? Let’s just get right into it: Believe it or not, the Treehouse blog that you’re reading this article on is actually a responsive design! To see it in action, open this article on

Understanding Games

Understanding Games, this is a great tutorial about this tips and tricks what do you now must know Check this link

Starling Particle Effects for Stage3D Shooter Games

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Quick Tip: Add a Blurry Trail Effect to Your Bullets

In this Quick Tip you will learn how to use BitmapData’s copyPixels() method to create a very fast blurry trail effect for the bullets in your shoot-’em-up games. View tutorial

Create Flash Screen Transition Effects Entirely With Code

Flash games are very much the bread and butter of indie pop-nerd culture. If you consider the slices of bread the menu and the game itself, what is left? The butter – the very substance that makes

Quick Tip: Create a Typewriter Text Effect Class

In this Quick Tip, we’ll create a static, re-usable ActionScript class that will produce a Typewriter effect with a single line. Read on! View tutorial

Why Bother With jQuery? A Guide for (Former) Flash Developers

If you, like many Flash developers, are looking into using HTML5 for your web apps, you’ll almost certainly have come across jQuery. It’s a very popular JavaScript library, used by a large percentage of the most visited