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Retain Users With These Mobile App Onboarding Inspirations

In a world where 90 percent of all downloaded apps are used once and then deleted by users, flawless onboarding is essential. It’s unlikely users will come back to your app if they don’t understand how it

Top 10 Most Common Mobile App Design Mistakes

The mobile app market is saturated with competition. Trends turn over quickly, but no niche can last very long without several competitors jumping onto the bandwagon. These conditions result in a high failure rate across the board

iOS User Interfaces: Storyboards vs. NIBs vs. Custom Code

I often hear iOS developers ask some variant of the same key question: What’s the best way to develop a UI in iOS: through Storyboards, NIBs, or code? Answers to this question, explicitly or implicitly, tend to

Build a GPS Speedometer

During the first part on Mobiletuts+, we covered the basics of AIR for Android development and also put in place the fundamentals for our speedometer app by using GPS support to determine our current speed. Now we’ll

Building a jQuery Mobile Theme With Adobe Fireworks

In this tutorial I’ll demonstrate how easy it is to create a jQuery Mobile theme in Fireworks, preview the theme, and move it into an HTML5 jQuery sample in Dreamweaver CS 5.5. The ability to create jQuery

Tip: Close Your Android AIR App on Back Button

While developing AIR for Android apps, you should consider whether you need your apps to run in the background, especially if they are highly intensive graphic games. View Tutorial

How to Build an RSS Reader with jQuery Mobile

In conjunction with the jQuery conference in Boston, John Resig announced and released the highly anticipated jQuery Mobile. Though currently in an alpha state, the framework is fantastic. Today, we’ll dive in, and build a simple Tuts+

Dealing with iPhone Screen Orientation in Flash AS3

The way your iPhone app deals with change of screen orientation is a major issue that you will have to address at a very stage of your app development cycle. By default the iPhone will change the

Quick Tip: Simulate an Android Lock Screen with ActionScript

The Lock Screen is a part of an operating system, mostly used in mobile devices, that prevents accidental input. This Quick Tip will show you how to simulate an Android Lock Screen with ActionScript. Let’s get going!