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Retain Users With These Mobile App Onboarding Inspirations

In a world where 90 percent of all downloaded apps are used once and then deleted by users, flawless onboarding is essential. It’s unlikely users will come back to your app if they don’t understand how it

Convert Visitors With These Landing Page Inspirations

Converting visitors into leads is easier said than done. Many companies utilize content marketing to send traffic to their sites, but these efforts are wasted at the conversion stage by not using landing pages to generate leads.

The Complete Guide to Cross Cultural Design

The digital design profession has always been international, yet there are still difficulties in overlapping cultural spheres. The global market presents new challenges for designers to address language barriers and ethnic nuances. How might foreign users infer

The Definitive Guide to Building Apps For Children

I remember Mark Zuckerberg once saying “I definitely wouldn’t have gotten into programming if I hadn’t played games as a kid.” This correlation is not a surprise although it did spark a revelation, when I was researching

In Search of the Elite Few – Finding and Hiring the Best Software Developers in the Industry

The Challenge Hiring software development talent – real talent – is a multi-faceted skill that lies at the crossroads of social networking, technical acumen, process management, and intuition. Anyone who has ever had hiring responsibility understands all-too-well

The Vital Guide to Web Design Interviewing

The Challenge Hiring web designers can be difficult. There are many disciplines under the common term ‘designer,’ and experts in one field may be novices in another, while others are a “Jack of all trades, master of

Presenting Design Work: The Right Way

Often the difference between getting the job or not has everything to do with how you present your work to potential clients. The portfolio has as much to do with how you present it, as it does

Navigating the React.JS Ecosystem

The speed of innovation in JavaScript Land is so high, that some people even think it is counter-productive. A library can go from early-adopter toy, to state-of-art, to obsolescence in the course of a few months. Being

Introduction to Responsive Web Design: Pseudo-Elements, Media Queries, and More

Nowadays, your website will be visited by a wide variety of devices: desktops with large monitors, mid-sized laptops, tablets, smartphones, and more. To achieve an optimal user experience as a front-end engineer, your site should adjust its

Top 10 Most Common Mobile App Design Mistakes

The mobile app market is saturated with competition. Trends turn over quickly, but no niche can last very long without several competitors jumping onto the bandwagon. These conditions result in a high failure rate across the board